Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes, The Flowers Are On The Way

Spring is soon upon us and with it, if we're lucky, armloads of flowers from our gardens. (Or, better still: from Bloomers!) Don't you just love this photo of the floating flower market in Amsterdam?

What can you do with flowers besides plunk them in a tired vase? I've got some fun ideas to get you started.

With only a few small blooms and greens, you can fill a treasured tea cup, using floral foam to secure your design. This would be lovely on your desk at work.

Lovely loose arrangements can be made in any pitcher you have, but even nicer if the colors are complimentary. This one is especially pretty with the coordinating polka dots echoing the blowsy old-fashioned roses.

A bit more involved but not impossible: a fun topiary in a mug! This one also requires floral foam (and a bit of patience) but the result is worth it! One of these would be unexpected and whimsical in a small powder room.

If you have only a few beautiful blossoms,
add impact by placing them in a clear container filled with nuts, marbles or colored stones. Coordinate the color of your accent item with the flower for more impact, like these mums and filberts. Line them up along your dining table and they'll really stand out.

How's this for fun? Incorporate your pet fish into your design! To achieve this look, soak a floral foam wreath, and build your design using harmonizing flowers. Then gently place your fishbowl into the center of the wreath.

If you have only a few prime blossoms, you may want to try your hand at the Japanese art of Ikebana.

Whatever you decide to use, you're sure to bring the joy of spring into your home or office!

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