Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lovely Lavender

Of all the scented items available at Bloomers (other than flowers), the most popular by far is Lavender. Candles, sachets, bath products, bunches of dried Lavender, all are the first to go out the door. Why? What makes Lavender such
a favorite?

When thinking of Lavender most people associate it with France, and dream of romantic postcard-perfect fields. But I recently came across a beautiful book:
The Maui Book of Lavender,
which opened my eyes to the Hawaiian Lavender industry! The book does a great job of documenting the history of Lavender over the fact, for the past 2,500 years! Its uses are well known in health, beauty and culinary circles. Haleakala's Ali-i Kula Lavender Farm encompasses an area on the side of a volcano...a dry, south facing slope that allows this herb the full sun it craves. I can't imagine a more perfect place to live and work!

The scent of Lavender is thought to be very comforting, hence the reason it's used in sachets and those popular heated herbal pillows.

The color Lavender is big this year, as well. Approximately 80% of the brides we are working with now are using some shade or hue of the color for their wedding. With so many flowers in the lavender-to-purple range, this gives the lucky bride many options!

I love this package of "Wedding Rice" which is actually Lavender!

Have you had a Laven-tini yet? It's a martini made with essence of Lavender!

At Bloomers, we just love Lavender!

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