Friday, August 17, 2012

The Rainbow Rose

 Have you seen the tie-dyed rainbow rose? 
If you haven't yet, then get to the phone right away and call your florist!

Before you dismiss these photos as some pretty good Photoshopping, think again. 
This is a real rose, dyed in a very special process, allowing multiple colors on one flower head.

How is it done? 
Different dyes are injected into the stems of white roses, which are then taken up by the individual petals. 
A painstaking process, and of course, this translates into a more expensive flower than the average rose,
 but the wow factor makes up for all of it.

Now, these roses aren't for everyone.
 Some may think they are garish, or belong in a circus;
but just consider the uses! 

How about using them in centerpieces for a tie-dyed birthday celebration? 
(Think 1970's)
Or, in a wedding where each bridesmaid wears one of the colors in the rose? 

They'd be really cute in a little nosegay for dance recitals.
Little girls love roses and especially love lots of color!

High School proms are the perfect place for this unusual rose. 
But please no baby's breath here...this rose just begs for an unusual treatment
 such as wire, beading and feathers!

Think you'd like some Rainbow roses?
Give Bloomers a call!

Bloomers Floral Design
122 South Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

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